Mercoledì 6 Dicembre 2023


How Not to Age

La mia fonte indiscussa di informazioni scientifiche sulla nutrizione, Michael Greger, ha pubblicato un nuovo libro su come contrastare l’invecchiamento con lo stile di vita (e l’alimentazione).

Sfogliandolo ho trovato un passaggio, illuminante, sul… sesso:

In a study in which more than 2,000 men and women were followed for about six years, those with a higher frequency of sexual activity had a significantly lower risk of dying. Those having sex fifty-two or more times a year (approximately weekly) seemed to have only half the mortality rate compared to those having sex once or less a year, even after controlling for physical activity and health conditions, such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Even though sexual activity may just be an indicator of general health, it might also have protective physical and mental health benefits.

How Not to Age


Pizza Girl

HER NAME WAS JENNY HAUSER and every Wednesday I put pickles on her pizza.

The first time she called in it’d been mid-June, the summer of 2011. I’d been at Eddie’s a little over a month. My uniform polo was green and orange and scratchy at the pits, people would loudly thank me and then tip me a dollar, at the end of shifts my hair reeked of garlic. Every hour I thought about quitting, but I was eighteen, didn’t know how to do much of anything, eleven weeks pregnant.

At least it got me out of the house.

The morning she’d called, Mom hugged me four times, Billy five, all before I’d pulled on my socks and poured milk over my cereal. They hurled “I love yous” against my back as I fast-walked out the front door. Some days, I wanted to turn around and hug them back. On others, I wanted to punch them straight in the face, run away to Thailand, Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, somewhere with sun and ocean.

Pizza Girl


Kokomo City

Documentario magnifico. Ha vinto premi al Sundance Festival e al Festival di Berlino. Premi più che meritati. Kokomo City racconta una storia donne trans di colore americane. In bianco e nero. La fotografia è straordinaria. Le storie sono straordinarie. Il modo in cui sono raccontate – montaggio, fotografia, canzoni scelte per la colonna sonora – è coinvolgente.

Ho scattato qualche immagine. Non ho resistito.

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