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L’olio e il ruolo nella dieta

Ogni tanto mi capita di leggere dei libri e mi sembra che parlino esattamente a me, come in questo caso:

Refined vegetable oils, with soybean oil at the top, have added more calories to the world’s diet than any other food group, by a wide margin. I’ve met many people who aspire to eat ‘sugar-free’ diets, and others who worry about ‘trans fats’, but seldom met anyone who said that their resolution was to cut down on their intake of soybean oil (or other refined vegetable oils) per se. Certainly, there are those who avoid palm oil, because of the environmental impact of rainforests being razed to make way for a monoculture. But the vast role that oils play in our diets goes largely unseen and uncontested

The way we eat now
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