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Ho trovato il tempo di leggere con attenzione la dichiarazione di Rob Hardy su quello che lui chiama marketing non coercitivo. Tutto molto condivisibile. Mi sono abbonato al suo blog per seguirne le tracce. Tornerò a parlarne e a scriverne.

Come lo trovi? Velleitario?

Non-Coercive Marketing: A Primer

Non-coercive marketing places full authority and trust in people. It creates the conditions under which they can make empowered decisions for themselves, and do so in their own time. It doesn’t seek to persuade, manipulate, or pester people into a decision that’s already been made for them. It merely opens new doors, tells the truth about what’s behind those doors, then surrenders the outcome, trusting that the right people will step through when they’re ready. In that way, non-coercive marketing is a leap of faith, rooted in the idea that if you stop trying to control people, and encourage them to be their own authority, you can build positive sum relationships that lead to organic and mutually-enriching transactions. This relational shift is also at the heart of how we begin healing the emotional wounds lying beneath humanity’s many problems.

Nine underlying principles and directives:

  1. Optimize for aligned, empowered customers
  2. Surrender control, and embrace emergence
  3. Cede authority
  4. Treat people as ends, not means
  5. Enough is enough
  6. Play long games
  7. Tell the truth, even when it’s scary
  8. Create invitations, not ultimatums
  9. Trust fully and unconditionally

Non-coercive marketing starts from the position that trying to control people is unethical. Full stop. It also recognizes the vast complexity and diversity of humans, and the futility of believing you can ever have the right answers for anyone else. Lastly, it recognizes that operating from a belief that you’re smarter, wiser, and more well-considered than others is self-defeating, because it reliably leads to disconnection and resentment.

In non-coercive marketing, we treat everyone who enters our world as an end unto themselves, even if they don’t, and never will, transact with us. In other words, it’s about recognizing that everyone is a unique individual with inherent uniqueness, agency, and worth, and then acting accordingly.

Non-coercive marketing starts from the assumption that you, as the business owner and/or marketer, are already enough. It acknowledges that while growing businesses can be fun, challenging, and meaningful, it’s not a requirement for wholeness or self-esteem. Oftentimes the most courageous, life-affirming choice you can make is to break free from mimetic expectations around growth, and choose to define enough for yourself, and actually enjoy it once you get there. That’s the ultimate gangster move.

Non-coercive marketing recognizes that the vast majority of people who enter your world are not currently ready to transact with you from a trusting, empowered place. As such, it optimizes for long-term relationships and friendships. It’s about building a world that people want to inhabit, and travel deeper into, over the long term. It’s about being a constant and generous presence in your space, and in the lives of the people around you. And it’s about making sure that when someone reaches the place of an empowered decision, whether 10 minutes from now or 10 months from now, they know exactly how to transact with you.

Non-coercive marketing is about radical honesty. It’s about being courageous enough to say what’s true, even if it’s unpopular, unflattering, or dredges up insecurities. It’s about leaning into full authenticity and openness, because that’s how you stand out, find the others, and build deep relationships in a world where most marketing is inauthentic performance art.

Non-coercive marketing, by contrast, doesn’t create emotional pressure, but actively seeks to relieve it. If what you’re selling has some kind of time-bound component—live events, cohorts, etc—some pressure is inevitable. But otherwise, non-coercive marketing never puts you in a place where you have to make an emotional snap decision. Instead of offers and ultimatums, non-coercive marketing runs on invitations. An invitation is friendly, open-ended, and positive sum. It doesn’t try to persuade you to take an action that may not be right for you. It merely shows you a new door you can walk through, on your own time, if you genuinely want to.

Rob Hardy

Che dire? Mi ci trovo pienamente.

Trattare gli altri come vorresti essere trattato tu. Mi ha sempre colpito negativamente sentir parlare uomini di marketing del proprio pubblico come oggetti e obiettivi. Indicativo dei valori sottostanti di chi parla.

Onestà radicale. Non ho esitato nello scrivere ai membri di Saper Imparare dello stallo in cui mi trovo.

Il concetto di abbastanza l’ho fatto mio molto tempo fa. Il mito della crescita infinita non esiste per nessuno. Né per le persone che si considerano brand/aziende, né per Big Tech, né per nessun altro. Fare i conti con l’abbastanza è il vero successo e posso dire di averlo raggiunto molto tempo fa e non al picco della mia denuncia dei reddito.

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